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When LEAR NatroSound™ meets movie!

Please put on your earphones to enjoy and experience the difference between traditional earphone VS LEAR NatroSound™ equipped earphones during watching movies on your portable devices!

LEAR NSC-03 cable for NS-U1! 

To release the full potential of your NS-U1, you need this!
Click here to Order Your NS-U1 now!

LEAR's new coating for hard shell CIEMs!

The new coating can coat on almost any CIEM which made from hard shell materials.
It has anti-sliding surface ,which provides secure fit , improves sealing and enhance the impact resistance to the hard shell, it will also help to prevent minor scratch as well
Coming soon, please stay tuned!
Introducing LEAR's semi-hard shell.
This material is now available for parts (canal, body, and faceplate) , or the whole earphones.
Additional HKD$498 for the semi-hard shell on LEAR LCM 1-BD4.2 or reshells.
Advantage: More comfortable fit , Better sealing , Impact resistance!